A blogger’s work never ends.There’s relentless pressure to keep creating content that entertains, inspires, and moves people to action.This makes blogging a super high-maintenance field.

This summer was too packed with things to do, in order to work on my blog. My husband lost his job, we decided to move back to Belgium, so in three months time we had to find a house (to buy, not to rent), plan a gigantic move, find a new school for our son and renovate our new house a bit. I can tell you, it was beyond stressful.

It all went well, we are moved in, our son likes his new school and gets good grades, my husband works in Brussels (yikes, traffic jams in the morning- and evening), but…the house we bought has a really terrible kitchen. it’s spacious, but the appliances are really old and do not work well. And replacing them is out of the question at this time (we just bought a house, so budget is kinda tight). That’s the main reason I am closing down this blog. I am sad I can’t cook the way I was used to, and returned to the simple act of preparing meals instead of COOKING.

I will keep this blog accessible for anyone who wants to take a look, but I won’t be adding any new recipes.