Dehydrated tomato powder.

As every year, my husband planted way to many tomatoes, so I have an overload of fresh and totally delicious tomatoes. Normally we freeze them to make soup or sauce with them, but now that I have a dehydrator, I decided to try and dry some of them. And it turned out perfectly. Some people only use tomato peel to make powder, but I prefer using the entire tomato. I used a mix of 7 different species, including cherry tomatoes, and it resulted in a delicious powder, full of flavor.



  • Set your Excalibur at 52°C .
  • Wash and pat dry the tomatoes, and remove the stems.
  • Slice the tomatoes thinly (about 0.5 cm) and place in a single layer on the racks of your dehydrator.
  • Dry the tomatoes until they are dry and brittle. This took me 24 hours, but it depends on the humidity in the area where you are drying it.
  • Let the dehydrated tomato slices rest on the racks for an hour or so to let them cool and to make sure they are very dry.
  • Store the dried tomatoes “as is” in airtight glass containers for long term storage.
  • I have grinded a portion of these dried slices to powder with a coffee grinder and placed them in a spice jar for immediate use in the kitchen



  • Dehydrated tomato slices taste very good on a bacon and lettuce sandwich, you get the flavor but not the sogginess of fresh tomatoes.
  • Tomato powder is a great addition to cream cheese.