Blogger in the spotlight: Milly’s Melting Pot.

I want to introduce to you a new Category of blogposts, called Blogger in the Spotlight. In this category I am going to  introduce you to bloggers I really like and have agreed to write a guestpost for my site. The first one is Myriam Visram, owner of Milly’s Melting Pot. Be sure to pay her a visit, her amazing blog is set up in both German and English, and aside from a collection of typical Luxembourgish dishes, she also has a lot of  really interesting international recipes. Her Instagram account is really worth following as well.

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Many people share a love for cooking and good food: and that’s wonderful..

In our quickly paced world, I want to offer a quiet and relaxing place where people can come together around a table with steaming and delicious food and, just for a moment, let the world turn without us..

Cooking and eating is not just necessary for is so much more..

Food gives us warmth, courage and peace..

Food gives us togetherness, happiness and makes us feel safe..

Food is a language that everyone understands..

And I want to talk to you..

Milly’s Melting Pot is a fusion food and lifestyle blog designed to help you find a calm spot to relax and enjoy good food. Born from a passion for cooking, Milly’s Melting Pot strives to combine culinary cultures and give the readers a new insight into the good things in life!

I am Myriam Visram – a luxembourgish, english, european “meltingpot” citizen of the world. Amongst many other things I am a multi-lingual scientist with a BSc in Forensic sciences and a MSc and PhD in biochemistry and molecular biomedicine. I use my knowledge in human lipid metabolism to design new recipes, that are based in my multi-cultural back-ground. My passions are cooking for people, eating good food, traveling and enjoying the thrill of meeting new people. Because in the end – that is the only thing that matters!

Luxembourgish Bean Soup “Bouneschlupp” with fresh herbs and fried onions

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Ingredients(for 3-4 portions):

  • 3 carrots
  • 4-5 potatoes
  • 1 leek
  • 1 piece of celery
  • 500 g beans
  • 1 l broth (or to taste, until the vegetables are covered)
  • 1 piece of greasy smoked speck
  • 1 dash of cream
  • fried onions


  • First clean, peel and chop the vegetables into little cubes.
  • Cut the beans into smaller pieces and then start frying the greasy part of the bacon until some fat dissolves.
  • Then fry the vegetables in this grease and add the beans.
  • After a few minutes add the stock and let it simmer until the vegetables are soft.
  • Cut a “Mettwurscht” into pieces and let it simmer in the soup. This gives the soup a fantastic flavor!
  • Serve with a dash of cream and sprinkle with fried onions.