OMG…my computer just died today! My son was playing Fortnite, and all of a sudden the screen went black and we can’t turn it back on. I hope it is just the battery or something like that, cause obviously I haven’t made a backup in months.

So now I’ve lost all my prepared blogposts, 3 years of pictures, and all our documents.

I won’t be posting recipes since I really do not like typing on my iPad, but you can still follow me on Instagram, where I’ll post new pictures on a regulare base.

I was busy preparing our dinner when it happend, so I have been running back and forth all evening.

Thank goodness my mini frittata with golden beets, swiss chard, semi dried cherry tomatoes and manchego turned out pretty good, although I was distracted. I’m writing down my recipes in my Filofax, so perhaps you’ll see the recipe appearing here soon. Keepin’ my fingers crossed here.