Dehydrated cilantro.

I have been dehydrating and powdering cilantro for a while now and  I don’t think it loses much scent or flavor. Although we have a large allotment I never succeed at growing our own cilantro. Every time the cilantro is ready to be harvested, flowers develop so rapidly, all is lost.

So I buy large bushels of cilantro at our local greengrocer and dry them in my excalibur dehydrator. I never run out of Cilantro again because I dehydrate more once I get down to my last jar.


  • Set your Excalibur at 40°C but in conditions of high humidity you can turn it up to 45°C.
  • Wash and pat dry the cilantro, and remove any long stems and damaged or bruised leaves. But it’s fine to leave a bit of stem near the leaves.
  • Place a single layer of herbs on the racks of your dehydrator.
  • Dry the herbs until the leaves crumble and the stems break when you bend them. This usually takes about 2-3 hours,depending on the humidity in the area where you are drying it.
  • Let the dehydrated Cilantro rest on the racks overnight to make sure they are very dry.
  • Store the dried herbs as whole leaves in airtight glass containers for long term storage.
  • I always grind a portion of these dried leaves to powder with a coffee grinder and place them in a spice jar for immediate use in the kitchen.

Dehydrated cilantro leaves